I always considered myself a Lone Wolf.

Now, I know. I know. It sounds so emo and dramatic but to be honest, to me it’s a beautiful thing.

Being alone gives me satisfaction, I always liked it when after a long week of work and exhausting social interaction, I can be in my room all weekend by myself. There’s a word for it. Introvert. Here you go. Haha

Expressing myself is highly difficult for me. Reason why I am always itched to have a blog since I was young. It’s my brain’s other area–or maybe my face–the one hidden to anyone.

Extension of my mind, mostly rants, mostly writing voice change depending on my current mood. Sometimes… well, most times, I post vague stuff but one thing I can assure you: This is all of me. No pretensions. Just everything in my head because honestly, if I don’t write it down, I’ll be in asylum right away haha

So enjoy this random little adventure with the lone wolf living in Tokyo.

Xx Yuki



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