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Firecrackers and laughter

Today’s the first day of the 20th year of my existence. I barely believed something extra special will ever happen but something did.

The day entered like a normal Monday–except that I rushed to the bathroom after my journal for I thought I’ll be late for Powerhouse’s cell meeting. I arrived at the school at around 11:30 and more to my surprise, there are only six of us meeting. But then again, we pushed through and until 3 in the afternoon, we had fellowships and bonding.

Right after, I finished the chapter five of our thesis then submitted it to our dear adviser. Then, went to SM to have some dinner with Dj. I thought every thing’s just normal until he asked me to go back to school and get some school works from his pals. I agreed, not knowing something else is in-stored.

We arrived at the rooftop of the school and he start to call his friend. I saw a firecracker in the sky that made my mouth open in amazement. Then another one. Then another.

“Ano ba yan, nag eecho sa buong place no.” I told him as we are looking through the dark sky and city lights. Another firecracker was launched.
“May isa pa.” He answered, looking at his phone and trying to compose himself.
“Pano mo nalaman?”

He smiled, I threw it back. Then for five long seconds, I processed what is happening around. And I looked at him and finally realized he was all behind the the firecrackers. I smiled and can’t believed what just happened.

He asked me to wait but I hid behind a wall. I heard couple of people singing a happy birthday song. I tried keeping my smile inside then they stopped singing and asked among them, “wala nmang tao. asan sha?”

Out of no where, they found me hiding and they are composed of my blockmates, girl friends and even some of the high school friends. Some more firecrackers launched, camera light flashes, candles blown and people laugh.

It was one of the most unforgettable days in my life. The first time I had a surprise party. The two decades of my life. Our Pastor was right when she prayed for me. My life will never be the same again–and this is just the start of it.

Happy birthday, self. Thank you Lord for another chance to live for your name. 🙂


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