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I just realized I have a site to maintain.

My last post was about my birthday surprise–which is a month ago. Well, what can I say? time flies really fast. The moment you wake up it’s January and after you blink, hello February.

My dreadful month of the year in the past nineteen years of existence. Every time it will come, it reminds me how alone I am (in terms of boy-girl relationships). And actually, this blog is a witness to my undying self-pity.

This time around, its different and I am most thankful to my Lord. Although I am still single, I am hopeful and waiting. Although I can’t boldly say that someone is making smiles on my face, I surely am grateful.

Now, my February is a bridge to my March. This is my preparation for all the possibilities. My thesis’ final oral defence is done and thus, I got nothing else to do but to enjoy the last two months of being a student.

It’s only going to be twenty eight days and after another blink, March is just around the corner.


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