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Desperate times, desperate measures

The truth is, I am not new to WordPress. Just that, I kept making an account then abandoning then making again as the cycle goes on.

This time around, I want to make it official so I added some customized theme and tried a little bit different setting. : )

Anyway, it is rather appropriate to explain some simple things about my new constructed site for my first post.

Well, as some of you know, for years now, I’ve been blogging in multiply (this is a shameless plugging!) and because I got so attached to it, leaving the site breaks my heart every time. So, this time around I am not officially leaving multiply though I will import some of my important posts from that. And to totally psych myself, I made my blog url as “justanothermultiplyaccount”. I hope my brain got so deceived that I won’t be able to leave this. Hahaha.

Also, I call myself desperate because I am targeting to have a novel by the time I graduate–and that’s like, 28 days? Yea. So, I feel so desperate already. : )

Wanna stick around with some kind of crazy-desperate girl like me? Subscribe. : ) )


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