How long is a Life?

Yesterday, my sister texted me to come home early to attend a wake. Then, I remembered the death of an angel I knew.

In the funeral, I saw her pictures all over–her smiles, her shots, and a picture with a letter for her parents. It broke my heart reading it. Every word. Every letter. I know, she didn’t make that because she’s just five years old.

How truly long is the life we are given?

For this little angel, five long years. It’s sad seeing her pictures and realizing she never got to go to school, get a “barkada”, having a period for the first time or falling in love. She didn’t even had a chance to attend a concert, to go to college and maker her own decisions.

But, on the other side, I’m all happy for that young girl. I may even be only 20, but I know how cruel the life we are living. People hurt you like wild animals in a safari, boys might break your heart, there are murders, corruption, abduction, name it. God loves this angel so much that He doesn’t want her to experience life’s cruelty.

God gives and He takes away. But above all, He knows what He is doing. He gives long life for others and for some shorter but at the end of it all, we all have the same opportunity. Same grace. Same love.


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