In the midst of chaos

In a small, coated-white clinic of my school,my sister told me that  there was a massive earthquake in Japan. She was trying to contact my mom but her phone was dead. My knees grew weak. I don’t know what to do. My mind wandered and my heart started beating fast.

My friend made me sit on one of the blue chairs in front of the admission place. He was talking to me but his voice was like the sound of the water. I am so confused, so scared. I don’t want to cry, trying to be strong. “Lord, please. wag muna”, I prayed in my mind. “‘Di ko pa nakakasama ng matagal si mama.” and as my short prayer was finished, tears began falling my eyes. That moment, I realized, I am not just ready to let her go.

That night was a moment to be remembered. I called my mom and she was stuck in the house, without food, without anyone to be with her and even a heater that could keep her warm. She kept yelling that it hurts, it’s scary and she cries every single time there is an after shock. She told me she was going to be okay. I know it was a lie. Then, she uttered words that weaken my heart. She said that whatever happens, it’s all up to the Lord.

That time, my sister and I looked for numbers of our friends in Japan to help our mother. No one insisted to help. There are a lot reasons, a lot of excuses, and no one was willing to assist.

To make things worst, I had a fever and I feel dizzy. My body feels weak and vulnerable.  I’m emotionally and physically down. I was lying on by bed, while my sister’s trying to contact people in the internet. I prayed a small prayer that may God send an angel to my mom.

Just that, someone helped us–A seventeen years old girl, who is my sister’s friend. She told her parents and they went to my mom’s house, gave her food and comforted her. I knew just right there, she is my answered prayer.

What happened to Japan was devastating. I can hardly believe that everything I once saw there was nothing more but trash right now. It’s sad because Japan has been part of my life for a long time now. And just seeing it broken, it breaks my heart.

However, in all these chaos, I find peace in God’s arms. He didn’t let anything happened to my mother. He was there to listen to my prayers. I know, He has a plan why this disaster happened. It may seem unclear for the moment but I’m sure God’s perfect plan will always prevail.

God bless, land of the rising sun.


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