My own college night

While everyone’s swaying to Parokya’s mesmerizing songs, trying to conceive Gloc 9’s words and singing along with Moon*88, I’m at home–scared, confused and alone.

I was exposed to a half truth yesterday about someone I care about a lot and I don’t know how to react. I felt like everything’s getting heavier, its unbearable and to top all these, no one was there. No one insisted to asked me if I’m okay. No one listened to my slowly fading voice. No one. But God.

What happened to me last night was a lot of realizations. A lot of things to think about. They say, when you think a lot, negative thoughts will gravitate in your mind but it didn’t. It let me realized that God is teaching me a lesson. He again reminded me that when no one was there for me, He was. And the fact is, He’s all I ever needed.


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