Dear   Word press, WP,

Yea, first of all… my URL’s pretty long. And it feels weird. When I was in multiply, I’ll just say: “Dear multiply” and I suavely type it at the blank page. Right now, I thought of a while, deleted, decided and then… here it goes.

Enough. Enough.

I tried asking my self, what is that word? Of course, I’m not that dumb not to know but there’s two side: one-enough means satisfaction and the other-being too much.

Ironic, right? One word with two different connotation. And I hereby use the latter. Enough.

I am taking a break from my emotional wreckage. Because first, I think this isn’t I should be. I am strong and I should act like it. Second, I have to go out! Yes! Good thing tomorrow morning is Monday (and I never felt this happy when Monday comes). I know, no classes but then I have something to look forward to–seeing my church-mates and PH. Refreshing. ♥

Too much has been happening. I just want a break from everything. I say tonight to myself, “Enough, Yuki Anne. Tama na muna.”

They say, too much of something may kill you and too much of this “Japan Calamity” may kill my social life or even my entire life as well. I’m going to relax now and just have faith until I hear the go signal to hold on tightly again.


Xo, Y

PS: But! Please stay focused on praying for Japan! No rain please! Pray for no RAIN! Thankssssss. : )


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