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My very own “Go-See”

I was looking around–too much vehicle in front of me, black smoke, gigantic billboard, people busy walking and ignoring and in the midst of all these, I was looking for an empty cab. Waited another couple of minutes. None.

I felt like in America’s Next Top Model Go-Sees where the model would be lost, walk around and figure things out, not to be late for call time. All I need are longer legs, the top model porfolio, that big wavy hair and yea, a little less fat–and I’m a candidate of ANTM going go-see. But, No. I’m just the regular kid lost in the middle of Makati City. And this is not a go-see, it’s a job interview. My first ever real job interview.

I don’t know why I landed in Guadalupe Bridge yesterday. It was confusing and scary at the same time. There are big buses, big billboards and no cab is stopping in front of me. I kept asking my self how Serene Vanderwoodsen just wave her hand and there the cab goes. Lucky her.

Anyway, this post is about me.

So, going back, I was there and lost. I was standing at the middle of the bridge when I noticed a train that passed by. *Ting!* I felt like a little light bulb appeared beside my head. Right, there is an MRT station!

In the station, I pulled my ANTM fantasy again. I felt like a top model riding the subway for the first time. And inside the train, I felt like it’s the perfect moment for a voice over and interview in the confession room. Hahahaha. I know, I am that crazy!

Anyway, I landed at Ayala station and from there, I rode a cab going to McKinley Hill to 18/20 Building that leads to the Thomson Reuters Company. It all amazed me. I’m now a Top model feeling the first stay at the Mansion Tyra gave her. It was a-mazing!

Anyway, the bad news: I failed the second leg of my exam as an Assistant Publishing Specialist. Good News: I think I nailed the interview as a Research Analyst. Bad News: I think I don’t like the job of the latter. Good News: I have other options.

My first Job interview, alone–Exceptional. I won’t do it differently. I am happy I did it on my own because graduating also means: being used to be on your own.  I may or may not get the job but, oh well, if the job is for me… it should be mine.



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