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Reading is a humbling experience

Through the years, I do nothing but to write. I tried writing short stories, crappy poems and novels that I seem can’t end. Just right this year, I decided (though unofficial) to stop for a second and breathe. Part of my breathing is reading a lot of amateur works over the internet.

What can I say? It’s such a humbling experience. I realized the field is just too big to explore and I am just stuck in one corner that makes me feel like a pro. But the truth is, I’m far from it. There are zillions of people better than me. Like I said, a humbling experience.

Last five minutes ago, I decided to write but then I stopped to read some books again. I’ve been hooked to these books that it makes me feel addicted to read them. Anyway, nothing beats the reading to help you with the writing, right? 🙂



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