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Thank you!

After lying on my bed last night, staring at the black space at the air I realized it’s all over. My college education. My teen years, even.

College started harsh on me by being rejected in UP three times and after, ending up in an Institution I never wanted to be apart of. then. I can always recall my first day with a frown on my face, wanting to rewind my High School days. I even told my friends, “Ayoko na pumasok. Ever.”

But God has a greater plan.

He gave me people who made me enjoy my college life. I adjusted and finally, I fell in love in this Colegio. Letran was never my choice but sometimes, we don’t choose. God choose for us and we might not want it first, but we’ll always learn to love it.

Last night, the colorful fireworks in the black sky made me cry. I will miss the Institution. I will miss the everyday wearing of uniform and going to classes, Toto’s, Skids, Tibz, Mang Pete and every single bit of my life in Letran. It was sad to let go, but things are just like it.

I want to thank at this point the people who made my College life rather fun than boring. Aside from my God, my parents and siblings, these people made my life different. They were there when no one wanted to be with me. They accepted me, no matter how complex my personality may be.

First, ABCOMM (tini, faye, TJ, mark, cams, nica, FAVE). It is rather appropriate to thank all of you after all the memories we’ve built together. Mind you, we’re in the history by being the first pioneer batch!

Jen Advincula, thank you so much for being such a friend and a sister! I love you! and I am always, always always here.

JP, you’ve been very inspiring. Thank you for being such a good friend. Continue to do what you are doing and don’t even turn away from all those things you already forgotten.


Lowla-thank you for being such a good friend. You’ve been with me through ups and downs and every life experiences. You’ve been very close to my heart.

Nin-you’ve been one of my closest and my thesismate. You understood me in times no one did. Your smiles always brighten days and your jolly persona makes every little bad thing okay.

Kring-I appreciate your love for me even though its sometimes tough. You’re the friend that is protective but vulnerable at the same time. Thank you for sharing you life, your words and your laughter. Makikita din nila mokong, nagkamali silang di tayo pansinin!^^

Gem-Thank you for all the load you shared. Babayaran ko yun! Hahahaha! Anyway, you’ve been so nice and you never did let me down. I knew you most nung Inquirer days and I saw how beautiful you are from the inside and out.

Abhie-Right from the start, we’re been friends because we relate to each other. Things may change now but you know, I’m still that “emo” girl you talked to in convos with Bff and lowla. You’ve been so nice to me and I know that you’ll get far with all your talent and skills.

Moubee-Thank you. Just thank you for being the christian friend I had during my College life. Actually, you inspire me in your ways and fashion. You’ve been that trendy and jolly. Don’t loose hope, bee. You’ll always be loved.

Krizhia-Even though we’ve been friends in a short while, you’ve been part of us. You’re personality makes us smile and laugh and be glad you’re our friend. Take care of you health! And keep fighting because you’re not alone in your battles.

Gffs, I know I had so much short coming and flaws but I want you all to know how grateful I am to be one of you. How my College life will never be the same without all of you. You are been there through everything. And I know, we’ll all be forever as our name states. Whatever life may bring us, we can come home. Love you all. Godbless. ♥

POWERHOUSE Family (Yoshi, Faith, Jonats, Mitch, Mae, Gizelle, Jeda, Jordan, Glenn, Jerome, Edward, Keo, Kat, Hazel, Rellpot) – Like as I always say, My last sem will never be the same without all of you. I love you all. And May the Lord bless you more and more each day.

My HS Barkada:

Raffy, you’ve been always faithful. And kahit minsan lang tayo magkita, you know how much your presence give me strength. Friends, forever?

Jers, 12 years!!! 12 years na tayo magkaybigan. And all I can tell you is, you don’t need to look for love. I love you. We all love you. We are all around you and you just don’t notice it. And yes, I am also  so grateful to have you. When I am sad, you’re my shoulder and when someone is taking me down, you’re taking them down. Hahahahaha. You’re such a fighter!

Zai, thank you for the laughter and the smiles! Those smiles are precious and your life always be that happy. I heart you!

Xai, Gem-I know you both are far. But distance was never a problem. Thank you for all the good things you’ve shared. Cy, thank you for helping me with my thesis! Thank you so much! Gem, I appreciate our “photo shoots” and I think we’ve never been that close! I love you both.

Ate Anne-Thank you for being my “best friend” in church and even my ate, my discipler, my leader. Thank you for listening to me even though I think I might be boring. Hahaha. thank you for understanding and never judging me for who I am and what I can do. I love you! ♥

Jasper-Thank you for my exceptional birthday. Thank you for all the things you have given without asking for in return. Thank you for being part of my last year and continuing. I thank God for you every single day of my life. ♥

From this point, my college life is over. But I know, life will continue on. Thank you, Lord for these people. Thank you for the blessings and a meaningful college life. I love you, Lord Jesus. ♥

Batch 2011, singing off.


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