Like A boss!


I love looking through the big realm of glass window of the bus every road trip at night. And that usually is when we go to Manila and/or to Bulacan.

There is something about the black sky, thousands of lights from buses, trucks, posts, taxis, malls and gigantic billiards that calm my Spirit. Every single time, since I was young, I would sit next to the bus’ window pane and look at the scenery. I usually think about the future then–my self, in a car with a job and sorts. As I grow, I imagine different things. Sometimes, I write stories in my mind. I create some pieces. I blog in my head.

At night when the bus’ light is dim, most of the passengers are sleeping, I found peace. The only thing I hear is my mind and no opinion matters but mine. Sometimes, I feel like it’s a two-hours escape from reality. An alone time. To think. To realize. To set goals. I find peace in my thoughts, in my brain, in my being. No outside forces. No other voices.

#0214. Late night bus trips: one of the simplest but one of the fascinating things in life.



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