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A for April.

Oh, yea. It’s the fourth month in the Roman calendar.

Most Aprils, I am excited and energized for the summer vacation. Last year, I was dreadful about my internship and this year, I am anxious about doing nothing.

Yea, I graduated and sort of enjoying the moment but this “Idle” times shouldn’t last long enough. I am not fond of just being at home and doing nothing! I feel like getting fat every single day of sleeping-eating cycle. It’s unhealthy. Even for my brain.

Thank God I will be having a job interview on the 6th. But before then and till I get a job, I’ll just be at home. Doing nothing. Tumbling. Blogging. So on.

So, I had a plan B: Until I get I job, I’ll be jogging every night and would be continually writing my novel. 10 Yays! Because for me, that’s productivity! 🙂 And yea, I need to repost my old blog entries here because looking back at my old blog, its pretty much a friend to me.

That’s it. And oh, just be kind April. Pretty Please?


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