Date A Girl Who Writes.

NOTE: This is long but take time. Personally, I could relate. Though I am not a pro-writer, I do write. So, yea. date me! hahaha. J/K. Read along and appreciate a girl like me. Btw, I got this from:


Find a girl who loves to write. She could be anywhere serene: on the bench, under the tree, on the beach, on top of the mountain, or on the fresh-cut grass field, for it is in those places that she could think better, and write masterpieces out of a paper and a pen. Catch her in the nearby coffee shop, sipping a huge cup of coffee and staring out the shop’s window; it is in those times that she would think about what lays ahead of her on the real world, about her characters, about her next novel. Spot her inside the public library, engulfed by tall bookshelves, trapped inside her own world. Notice how she flips a page of a book, lifts her chin up, and scamper away to find another book. She then walks, clearly entranced by the antiquity of everything that’s around her. She then walks, clearly making up stories inside her mind. Her lips twitch as she does. People look at her, but she wouldn’t seem to care. She has her own world with her – much better than what is laid on her table. She’s crazy, in her own kind of way.

Talk to her like any normal person would do. Ask her about her interests. See if she’s interested to respond to whatever comes out of your mouth. She’d be busy thinking at times though, about her next story, a topic, a blog post. A lot of things just pop out inside her mind like popcorn, but just go talk to her. Sooner or later, she’d realized that somebody is willing to listen to her chatter.

Ask her out on a date, because she knows what it means to fall in love, take risks, and get hurt. She knows how it feels, or at least how to fake it. She had been used to twists and turns –they’re already part and parcel of her system. The girl who writes has already been tested by time for she’d been slaying dragons and fighting in wars in her stories, together with the main character and everyone of the cast in the story. Date her for she had been the captain of a ship, the queen of her own castle, the pianist of her own concerto. She knows for it is through writing that she could express what she truly feels. She knows for it is through writing that she breathes and lives. Just take her anywhere. She’d see the good and bad side of things; she’s already used to them.

Try to understand her actions a few months later. She’s only concerned with how to change the story’s flow, how to surprise you as the story goes, and how to make magic out of mere words. The pen is her wand; it is through which that she gains access through her mind’s eye. Emotions are her vocabulary. Words, sentences, and paragraphs are her helpers. The girl who writes knows how to command them to do things, the way a hunter catches his prey. Stories and essays are her spells. She is literature’s fairy godmother. You, the man who reads, are her secret prince. Try to understand her as she lives on her ordinary life. Try to fathom all her words because she means it, but never get tired of reading her mind. Appreciate her passion. She knows how to please you through her words.

Give her time to pause, for she knows it’s the best for the both of you. The girl who writes knows where to insert the climax and where to put transitions. She knows how to iron things out. She knows when it doesn’t sound right, or if it would, how to make it better. Her sentences might “run on and on”, but never get tired of chasing her. She loves it when you brood over what she has written. She might not be an expert when it comes to syntax, but she knows how she’d deal her thoughts. Let her write, let her move. She’s just the girl who reads, the girl who doesn’t rolled into one person, and that somebody in between. She’s just a girl.

Date a girl who writes for she knows how to begin and end your love story. She had it all outlined in one of her sacred notepads, tucked within the deepest recesses of her bag each day. She still doesn’t know what the ending would be, however, for like a pen she’s just an instrument, guided by the power of a story left untold. It’s up to you both on how the story would go: you, the man who reads and her, the girl who writes. But most certainly, it would be another happily-ever-after.



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