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Pressure Cooker!

It’s been a long time since I blogged.

Currently, I am the unemployed young lady, seeking for a job, staying at home, eating, using the internet and sleeping. After March 29, my life’s been that cycle.

I had two job interviews to date: One in Thomson’s Reatuer, which I wholeheartedly wrote about in this blog and the other, in Hallmark. I do like the job offer of the latter but seems like it’s not going to be a reality anymore.

Anyhow, I’m still full of hopes. I’m young and a fresh grad anyway. I know, one day, God will give me that job that I needed plus I wanted.

The thing is, also after graduation, things began to be different. I felt like a raw beef in a pressure cooker–they all are pressuring me and I am having a melt down. From every aspect of my life, it’s all pushing me to do things, to enter an opportunity, to open relationships. Too much people at my back and side by side, telling me what to do.

At one point, I imagine my self to go somewhere and travel alone. To go to the beach, take time to listen to my dying voice and to hear the still small voice of God to direct me what to do. I want to get away, far away. Where no one knows my name. I want to spend time with my self with beautiful scenery, which can inspire me to write. I just want to redirect my life  and get away from all the pressures.

But, the thing is, I don’t have the resources!Haha. And so, I am still here, at home. Just imagining, still feeling pressured but reassuring myself that I won’t be affected anymore. I want to do what I feel like my purpose is. I’ll follow my dreams, my wants and no one can stop me. Not even a pressure cooker!


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