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I’m switching paths.

I just realized my blog’s plainly boring. And yea, please just admit it to my face. Lol. So instead I type around and nag for hours, I decided to make this blog a better one by having this crazy idea in my mind last night. Drum roll please.

I’m going to add more photos! Yay! Hahaha. I found out, based on my own opinion and experience, it is waaaaaaaaaay enjoyable to read a blog more of pictures than blahs. And that’s already proven and tested. Since I can’t do a fashion blog (I wish! But, I need to get a job first!) or even an official photoblog, I’ll have my blog with pictures and text—Yuki’s way. Haha. I seriously thought about that last line.

Anyhow, today with the use of my camera, which we hid in the name “R07”, I clicked the shutter and try to capture and play with the manual setting. But the thing is, I am bored and nothing else to do. So, sorry for the vanity.

Ready for my close up? Haha. Sorry, I’m a non-pro and my camera’s definitely an amateur . BUT, I am willing to learn borrow Dj’s D90. Hahaha. J/K.

Speaking of that guy, I miss you!:)

After I posted this Online, I realized the words are rhyming. Err, rapper much? And yes, today must be the hottest day up to date this year. It’s so hot that I need to wear that baggy white sando and super short shorts. Good thing I got my glasses on. Lol!:D

This is the only thing that I can do to spice-up my summer at home, in front of my PC and it’s not that bad to admit I’m kind of excited to take snaps! ^______^

P.S: I think I need to private my blog starting this point. I don’t like random people see my face. Just a few trusted friends. Hahaha. :>

P.P.S.: I just want to try having pps. Hahaha.


One thought on “I’m switching paths.

  1. Heyya. Vain much? hahahah. I’m miss you too! hahahaha. read that line again! BLY. Godbless. Continue with such posts. Nagiging makulay na ang Blog mo! :p

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