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FB: Fashion Blog

I’ve been really addicted to fashion blogs!

Like, I mean sooooo much. The first fashion blog I saw was Tricia’s ( Not that I searched it but I was deeply intrigued by her since I was in HS. I’ve seen how she evolved from the typical student to a fashion blogger/icon.

Today, I can’t get enough looking through fashion blogs other than that! I been eying some  Forever 21 Ambassador’s blogs and even international renowned fashion icon and blogger, Chiara (

The Blonde Salad

I could go on forever, mentioning these girl’s blogs and citing their links. To be honest, I was quite surprised how many those fashion blogs in the Philippines are. Makes me wonder, how can they wear that on a regular basis?

Reasons why I love ♥ looking at fashion blog but don’t do my own:

1. I live in a small town and in here, It’s a crime wearing crazy beautiful outfits. Jeans and shirt are the only trend. Probinshana much.

2. Resources. This is a bit of a problem because I got shortage of clothes and yes, this -> $$$$$$$. I am jobless as of the moment and is not being given an allowance. If only I done things last couple of years.

3. Camera. Yes– because as much as I wanted to do fashion blogs, I don’t have a good camera. Err, yea. Plus a regular cameraman/woman/whatever.

And so, here’s my blog, plugging other blogs. So? Haha. Even if I can’t have my own fashion blog plus all those sponsors. I am happy just looking anyway. 😀

My only fashion photo. Taken by: Dustin Baldemor. Edited by: Me. Shirt and necklace from divisoria; Pants and red belt from Japan; Floral shoes from Tomato.

Do I have potential? Bwaahaha. I wish. 😀


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