Like A boss!

I Quit.

For an hour now, I am trying to put this “Like” button from facebook to my blog. Of course, to keep track of who likes my posts here. I also tried making a “fan page” of my blog and redirect it here. All else failed.

Why? Because  guess what, I suck. I can’t even handle doing my blog. I can’t understand the instructions in the internet and had the hardest decision I ever done in my life–I quit trying.

Oh, WordPress, why are so hard to manage? Why can’t you be oh-so “user-friendly“? It makes me doubt my self. Mind you, I abandoned my other blog for this (which is easier).

Any web experts there? Apparently, the people I need don’t respond to facebook chat. Err, talk about technolo-blahs!

Here I am posting a FAKE like button. Hahahaha.YOU MAD?

Like this at Facebook!

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