Heart on my blog. ♥♥♥

I just realized that I haven’t posted anything that includes my feelings since photos started flooding my blog. The thing is I am in the middle of deciding between “text blogging” and “photo blogging” for the same reason. I missed blogging with all my being and wearing my heart, not anymore on my sleeve but on my blog.

So, how am I in the past few weeks?
Still standing. But only by the grace of God.

I’ve been facing so many struggles that I can’t post here for it’s very personal and sensitive (but not that serious). I am still jobless but I am not hurrying everything. I feel like I’m taking my time right now. To breathe.

And although my presence for my college friends is “hibernating”, I am spending my time right now with my old friends, which I miss so much. Talking with Raffy and constantly meeting up with Jers. I am also absorbing the life with my friends at church, which I enjoy the most.

This is the moment, I can say, I’m absorbing life—by road trip to Tiaong, Going to Makati, lying on the grass while watching magical fireworks, laughing with my friends, eating nachos and even blogging. I am doing what I rarely do when I was still a student.

I feel like the more I stay unemployed, the more I feel being alive; enjoying every moment and remembering times. And even if I am facing so many struggles, I know I will still stand. But, always and only, by grace.

#451. That feeling when you wrote a blog entry.


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PPS: What do think is better? Photoblog or text blog or both? 🙂


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