Like A boss!


What is my title about. Well some clues: My mother has it. My sister has it and almost half of my family members have that too. I once did but conquered it.

Yes, you might not be close to my clan but another clue: It’s a phobia of something creepy, brown, small, icky, filthy.

Still can’t get it? Okay. Fine, easiest: It can live without its head for a week before dying! And the only creature that will survive when the earth collapse.

Right. Cockroaches. Fear of cockroaches.

I know someone who has an extreme fear about it that he screams whenever he saw one and instantly, his whole body is shaking. I just realized how much that little thing is affecting him. And, inside that purely irritable feeling, I also feel the compassion for him.

I could definitely say I fear no cockroaches. But then, I fear most of the animals or insects or even reptiles. I don’t like frogs, I hate snakes and I am very much distant to worm. I know what it feels to be with something that scares you to death, like you want to hide from it.

And so, maybe, even cockroaches are that small, they scare people off. And most times, they win. That’s why I love the show “Oggie and the cockroaches.” Oggie sometimes win. Hahaha.

Anyway, like very fear, this can be conquered. And to the person I know who has this phobia: stop letting me kill the little brown creepy thing because the truth is, when his body’s pressed on a slipper, it really is disgusting. Hahaha. 😀

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