Hi Wp,

It’s been a long time since I last blogged. And, if I’m not mistaken it only consists of less than 2 hundred characters. But, don’t fret, I’m here now.

In the past days, I’ve been facing gigantic problems that shook me a little bit. Although it’s a breaking point, I believe I did win. :>

That’s why I’m here again–ready to face the cyber world. ready to blog. Here I am, victorious and is Standing still. But always only because of God’s grace.

I missed blogging! and my views shifted from the sky to the ground in the past three days. Sorry, visitors and readers, I’m dragging you with my issues. But, I’m here now. I’m going to blog as regular as before!*wink*

Please Be Patient, God Is Not Finish With Me Yet. (PBPGINFWM)


PS: This post is kind of “choppy”, I think. Sorry. 😦 My mind’s kind of clogged.


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