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Perks of being Alone

May 18,2011

In the middle of the crowd of two joint fast food chains, I sat. On top of my blue journal is a receipt being vandalized with words from my mind and heart; Using a newly refilled g-tech pen.

Yes, alone time; No, It wasn’t planned.

For a long time now, I’ve been thinking to go out and just be alone. But apparently,  after couple of tries, I failed due to extreme procrastination. But here I am, writing in the middle of a chaotic food chain now. Finally getting that moment.

But, the truth is, I landed here because I tried beating the five-o’clock deadline of our phone bill.  If not for that single moment, I shouldn’t have blogged this because my connection is cut and I won’t have an alone time. So, Pdlt, thank you. 😛

Actually, I kept wanting this time because  I am tired of hearing voices from people I know and being in a crowd. I want a serene moment with myself. Where I could just breathe. Just listen.

And, along with it, I listed some perks of being alone:

  • You get to hear yourself -Yes, you think. You get to know your real feelings regardless of what other people think and minus what the world is pushing you to do. You realize what you really want without being just lead because everyone’s doing it. You feel free–to say, to think and to decide what you want to do.


  • You get to choose – You get to choose what to eat, where to go and what to do next. You’re the leader and you’re also the follower. And if you’re alone, there are millions of possibilities waiting.


  • You appreciate – You will notice some establishments, some weird stuffs even at the road you normally pass by. You will see every detail, you will look at things you never looked at when you’re with someone. You get to appreciate food, environment and even people. You appreciate the beauty of people watching.


  • You get to know your real feeling – At the end of my alone time yesterday, I realized my heart is not okay. Because I was eating a lot. Not that a lasagna and two slices of pizza is a lot but I realized I was eating in a way I am comforting myself. Right then, I realized I am not really okay. I left the house with some issues and being alone let me recognize my real feeling. I was sad, heart broken-a little bit and I just want to be alone because my heart’s tired.


If you want to go out alone and just do nothing, eat or loiter in your favorite bookstore, I have some tips: Bring a lot of money and leave your cellphone. It would be even therapeutic.


PS: I took some lame pictures  yesterday. I am not quite fond of my cellphone camera but it’s all I got. And yea, bring a camera when you go out! It’s a lot more fun!


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