Like A boss!

Hey June, Don’t make it bad.

Three months after graduation. six months after I turned twenty. Hello, June. Don’t make it bad. And please, stop injecting nostalgic memories in my head.

June usually makes me fret because summer has ended but right at this moment, I am just relax seeing the month enter.

The thing is, after you graduate—Oh wait. I’m not making that speech again! Haha. I quit having some trumatic-post-grad whatever. So I’ll just leave that sentence there and shift now.

As of the moment, I am calm and taking my time. Have you ever got a pastor prophesying your life? Or telling you a vision? Well, I just did. And it had way too many confirmation. What about it? Well, just wait and see. ;>

But, just before that moment comes, I am waiting for some instructions on what to do. Yesterday, I had an interview (and I won’t tell you what company not to spoil or jinx it) and I think I did great that I am up to the final interview next week. So, the thing is, I might be getting a job this june. So, June… just make it better. Haha. : ))

And another thing, Sorry for NOT blogging regularly. I am just being too lazy to even think or write anything. No, just kidding. That’s just an excuse. I am really been busy at the moment with so many stuff. Believe me, I might be unemployed but I am busy. Believe it. 🙂

That’s it. I think I got nothing more to say. I am just hoping and praying June will be something different. And as Ate Faithy said, it will never be the same again. ♥


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