We are all not enough. That’s why we need Jesus.

I pray, the Lord answers.

However, there are times I just fell short in front of Him. It is shameful, actually. That feeling that you are favored but in return you are doing something that griefs Him.

I didn’t just disappointed the Lord today. Myself even.

I had a final interview for a company and I felt like I didn’t gave my 100%. I almost wanted to be in tears when I saw a sign board at the back of the comfort room’s door that says, “Have you done your best for God today?”. I think not. Although the interview went fine and the owner of the hotel told me that they may put me first into a training, I still felt short. I was expecting I would be hired, but sadly, not yet.

I also let myself down by hurting someone close to me just before the day ends that adds up to my “never-ending-mishap” list.

Have you ever had that feeling that whatever you do, you are not just good enough? Even how hard you try, you just can’t get to the right path? No matter how good your intentions are, you just fell flat on the floor?

I feel that. I feel worthless and never enough. And that’s why I need Jesus.


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