Sabi ko naman sayo, Magkakatrabaho din ako e!:))

(I told you I will have a job! -english translation of the title IF ever, and only by CHANCE that there are foreigners reading my blog. :”> -Feelingera much (so much feelings. Hahahaha!))

Yea, you might guess it right–I’m in one of the best moods ever and yes, I think I have a job. 🙂

First off, I would like to give you my deepest apology. I’ve been grumpy the past couple of months and been whining about not having  job for the longest time now. Sorry, not only to my blog, my readers but also to the Lord. Sorry for not having the faith and the trust all the time. I’ve waver. I took things into my hands and when I finally let go, He gave me a job.

To tell you, it’s not my dream job. If you ask me, my dream is in a publishing like Summit or Mega or even in a big company like GMA or ABS or even Inquirer or whatsoever. But I might have plans and dreams but the Lord have the power to do His will. And that will is always for our betterment.

Although he chose this job for me, I am grateful. Even though it is not really at the line of my career plans, I am thankful. Because I know, I still love to do what is designated for me. And yes, I will prosper and grow in this company.

And so, I’ll enjoy my few more days of being unemployed because as my requirements go and my career launches, it’s time to do more work than play.

Thank you Lord!♥


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