Prayer that reaches heaven and penetrates hell: A testimony

Let me tell you a short testimony about supernatural things God has been doing in my life. But before saying it, I am sure most of you won’t believe it. But for some who will, thank you for your great faith. And read with patience because this is pretty long.

Last Saturday, I and two of my church mates (Kate and Jolay) were been assigned to intercede in prayer for our church activity. At first, I was alarmed. Praying for the whole day? I asked, “Lord, can I do it?” A whole day of praying without ceasing? I can’t even pray for even a whole hour! But then, I under estimated my God, didn’t I? Because the fact is, nothing will ever be impossible.

In the four corners of the prayer room, the three of us talked for strategy on how we will pray and figure things out. But in our first prayer, we didn’t expect to meet God face to face. There are groaning, there are utterance of the Spirit and we just can’t contain how God walked in the prayer room. The Holy Spirit touched us and we can’t contain it all. After the first prayer, we decided to drink water and have some time to rest for our eyes are full of tears. Our pastor posted at the glass window that we can’t leave the place without anyone inside so we took turns in going out.

At the second round of prayer, Jolay said she will pray for our speaker while Kate and I would worship by singing and melody of praise. But, something else happened. We were so into the spirit of prayer that we knelt down and face the wall. It was the moment we thought Jolay was possessed with an evil spirit because her voice was big, loud and shifted to a man’s voice. I was astonished that I stopped praying and listened for a while and asked the Lord to protect us. But later on, I realized it wasn’t a possession of bad spirit because she was uttering, “In Jesus name” for about the longest time. In the other hand, Kate was gripping the leg of the table near us and was speaking of language we don’t understand. And as I lean on the wall, I felt a shake, as if an earthquake.

After hours of praying, we cooled down and stated our amen. Then opened the bible for revelations and indeed, the Lord is talking to us. The people outside delivered snacks and we ate before going back in prayer for the third time. Then, this was the most unexpected prayer throughout the day.

We put the table aside and laid some sheets on the floor. We lay there and started praying. We experienced loud groaning that we almost shouted at the top of our lungs. We experienced even being touched by the Lord and we fought a Spiritual battle. We casted out demons, curses and even bonded Satan. We cried for healing, for protection, for discipleship—of which we didn’t know why. We had the Spirit’s utterance and we even prayed for our nation, for everything. When we finally cooled down, we got up and felt our whole body was tired. It was indeed exhausting—the groaning, the crying, the uttering on top of our voices, the singing—but it was peaceful and filled us with joy.

Then, our pastor asked the three of us to go out for a meeting/evaluation. I was hesitant at first because we must not leave the area so that no evil can enter but we did. In the evaluation, our pastor told us, they are hearing more than three voices in the prayer room. She said that the angels are with us and we agreed because we hear beautiful voices when we sing (and it’s not one of us). And also, when they get near the prayer room, it is hot. It is blazing with the Spirit of the Lord.

Amazed, we ate our lunch and then started to pray again. But strange enough, we can’t enter the presence of prayer. Instead, my stomach hurts so much that I need to go to the comfort room to let out and Kate’s having a headache. When we finally decided to pray again, we lay on the blanket at the floor and started to sing. Then, after a while, we are singing “Hossana” by Hillsong when I opened my eyes and saw Kate sitting and looking at me.

I stood up and asked, “Naririnig niyo ba yun?” (Are you hearing that?). Jolay stood up and said yes and Kate agreed as well. What we are hearing are footsteps; As if a large army of demons are about to attack us. They are coming from a place we all hear and towards us. We sense they are hastening and running. We stood up and knelt, holding hands and prayed. We asked the Lord for protection and we casted out the demons coming. The footstep didn’t stopped until uttered, “Amen.”

When we finished praying, Kate said, she saw a demon’s feet at the right side of the room. We are all astonished. Kate stood up and went out to pee while Jolay and I started to pray and to cast out the demon Kate saw. Then after opening her eyes, Jolay saw a shadow that went away.

Finally, Kate went back and we all started to pray and to give thanks. We started to sings and to dance inside for the victory of the Lord and we laid hands on the things in the prayer room. And after the activity outside, we went out to speak about our testimony.

But, seems like we are not the only one to speak. Because numerous of our church members said they are hearing more than three members in the prayer room. One even said, “Kala ko 10 yung nasa loob, uniiyak at kumakanta” (I thought there were 10 people inside crying and singing). But no. They were angels. They are there in the room with us. More to than that, our pastor and her daughter also heard the footsteps.

It was amazing how our Father God moved that Saturday. I couldn’t contain it. I want to share it to the whole world. All the glory, the entire honor and all the praises on what happened to us is due to the Lord. And the three of us are not getting any. We are mere instruments. But the Lord is the one who is moving.

To God is the glory forever and ever! Amen.


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