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August Rush

It has been since I don’t know since I last tapped and blog. The truth is, I recalled for two long seconds what my last post is about. You see, I’ve been busy lately and August’s coming was a bit of a rush. I simple realized July has just passed me and here comes a new game to survive in.

To give you some updates, my work has been tiring ang time consuming. The latter is obvious because we need to consume eight hours a day (more than my sleep, btw) but I’m glad I still manage to juggle every responsibility upon my hands–being a daughter, a friend, my church ministries and even my other “covenant” with people.

Beside my burden of time, I’ve been feeling the weakness within me. That small spot that is beginning to grow and what I am determined to kill. My faith has been sinking and showing but I thank God for holding on tigthly. Yea, I might be really stubborn but His love is even more stubborn than my head.

August. All I am looking for this month is the four-day loooong weekend but it’s not yet going to happen. Not until twenty two days later (I counted that with my fingers. Hahaha. I hope its accurate!). And, I’m fightened about a four day retreat they call in the office as the “halfway house”. Yes, I am exposed to things un natural but they say this retreat will do something extraordinary and I won’t be posting not to scare you off. ^^

Anyhow, I will be redeeming my blog this month because I just downloaded an app of WP in my iPod. Thank God! I have the every opportunity to write again. And sorry for the typos. I’m not really fond of touch screens.

Until my next blog, August! Just continue to plug in good vibes and I’ll give back tons of smiles.

PS: Be kind.


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