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Just when I said I will blog more—Well, i partially lied!:/

Here goes the liar that good thing the pants are still far from fire.

Okay, stratch it! I am NOT a liar. It’s not my fault my work has been too loaded that I had no time to even blog, which I promised my “readers”, if there is anyone at all.

Right at this moment, my mind’s influenced with the former CEO of Coca-Cola that said: In life, you are juggling many things: work, family, friends, health and Spiritual. The work is like a ball of rubber, when it slips it bounces back but the thing is, Family, friends, health and Spiritual are all balls made of glass. Once you drop one, it will break. (paraphrased).

I think you have a clear idea now why I am saying this. Yes, I was too focused on My work that I ALMOST broke everything.

Family- I pretty much doesn’t have enough time anymore. Even for a little chat. I leave home early and go home late.

Friends- Can’t keep up with my friends anymore. I can’t even text them!:( And to a special friend: well, we are still “working” and “sorting” things out.

Health-I am super tired from travelling that one night, I slept wearing my corporate attire!!! really. Plus, I constantly having constipation–sign of stress.

Spiritual-Nuff said. I admit, I can’t attend to my responsibilities that much anymore.

And so, before everything breaks, I’M QUITTING MY JOB. but that is just a joke. and i intendly not to write a laugh so that you’ll be worried. El oh el.

No, it’s time to take a balancing scale and put things together. I need to live a life without broken pieces! And please help me God. Oh, please.

PS: excuse me fron grammar/typo error, I’m using my iPod Toucheyyy.


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