Sleeping Beside Lola

I am not close to any of my grand parents. It’s either because I grew up too afraid of them (for they are strict) or They’re literally miles away from me.

But yesterday, I brought a bigger bag, larger amount of money and some extra patience because for the first time in my life, I am sleeping over lola’s house.

My lola texted me last week and we both had an arrangement of seeing each other the tuesday after (which is yesterday). I almost backed out for it was raining at around 2pm. But was sure happy that I didn’t because I never realized how I miss my lola until I got to see her.

She was so excited to see me too that she even went to the salon to get her hair and nails done. I was touched upon hearing that and staring at her last night was my favorite thing. She’s not as strong as I’ve seen her before and not getting any younger. I realized that moment, where did I spent my life when I wasn’t looking at my lola? And where am I when she was still as strong as before? That thought broke my heart.

Anyway, lolo decided to sleep at the couch with Dwane and I will be sleeping beside lola at the king-sized bed.

I managed to wash and finally slip into lola’s cute blue pajamas. It was big for me yet I really tried my best to slid in just to feel the cloth touchinng my skin.

lola urged me to sleep while she was taking a shower but I decided not to and just wait for her because I want to talk to her until we got to sleep but eventually, my body didn’t cooperate and I fell asleep waiting.

I don’t want that night to end. It was the first time I ever travelled alone to Bulacan, my first time to wear lola’s cute pajamas and it was the first time I felt useless of letting time pass and not caring. But now I know I still have time to catch up with lost moments and I thank Giod for it.


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