But its empty. Its empty.

Last two sundays ago, our pastor told us that one requirement in standing in front is to empty yourself. I might didn’t forcefuly did it but God stripped everything away from me. And I just realized it this morning.

Last night, I was alone and that fact made me sad almost half the day. I even fell asleep in the ride bus to my dorm. But God changed my heart later that night and I found myself not caring that it’s almost 12 and I’m still alone. Yes, it feels empty but at the same time I felt God was with me. He was there. The only person who never left.

Today, I got to the office not knowing I only got 24 pesos coins in my purse and all my bills are left in our room. I just noticed it when I tried loading. Then i realized that is how faithful my God is. He left me exact amount in my purse and just a right load to subscribe to unlitext.

He was stripping me of every little thing i depend on. He took people away momentarily and made me experience being alone for the longest time. More to that, He Now strips me of possesions. Of money. Because I know He wants me to solely depend on Hin.

And i can say right at this moment, without even a penny in my purse, I am just fine. Even without some people around, I’m still standing. But only and always by the grace of God.


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