Yuki in Japan 2011

Finally! Got to open my blog in a real laptop and not just in my iTouch. Believe me, that is one of the sacrifices I made for this little desperate blog. Lol.

Anyhow, I’m back! After series of time of ignorance and some lame, dramatic posts about my very so-called life, I’m back certainly for more!

Before I begin updating you, just a little trivia: I forgot my blog’s password. Yea, some lame memory I have. Just so you know, it never happened just now. I practically always forgot some password for some accounts that leave me desperate to hack and shut it down. For instance, my very old and very immature blog I had when I was in high school. Might be sixteen then and very much eager to write what is in my heart and mind. Well, now that I am twenty, I regret doing that. Plus, I can’t tell anymore the email and password I used. So, to my young readers out there (as if there is) and a simple note to myself: be careful what you post online. ‘Kay?

So, to some updates..

I’m in Japan right now! Yea, baby! And I saw some viewers from Japan in my homepage. Kunichiwa! 🙂 I’m here for almost a month now and having a blast doing practically NOTHING! But, that is just for now because I will post more about my Japan trip and all the ups and downs and dramas, soon.

So, to get this suspense higher, here’s a webcam photo from my home in Japan. Sayonara~


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