Standing in the middle of the crowd in a chuck-full room of books, I looked like a half idiot and half happy. And I don’t know how to put that together. I am actually waiting for my best friend / leader / officemate / churchmate/ same name, (Ate) Anne. I would go on for the rest of the post about how we become friends and her being my leader, officemate and churchmate but let’s save that story next post. I promise.

Anyhow, she will be resigning today so yesterday was her last night with me. And yes, addition to all that slashes, she’s also my roommate. Since I worked, I lived in a city where I will not name for you might hunt me (lol) and been eating too much and thus, gaining weight. Lol. I swear that last sentence didn’t made sense.

Another anyhow, I was waiting for Anne while reading from one book to another and this tagalog book made me smile and made picture myself in a story wherein some guy will approach me or something. Like in movies and books. But to burst my bubble, I have a boyfriend and I am totally happy with him (ahem!), our love story I will reserve for the 14th. Watch out for it!

Something I realize in the almost an hour of being in that bookstore with red logo, Tagalog books most are for fun like “Ang Librong Pang Supaldo” (not real title) and sorry for the author and maker, and this is just based on my lame opinion: it’s waste of paper and time. There I said it. And there are others, who look promising but the cover looked cheap. Then lies at the biggest part of the shelf: the romance books of precious.

I am hoping that someday, I will be waving my fist novel in the face of people who said I can’t reach my dream. But, it makes me sad that there are only a few authors and books that survive the Philippine Market. My thoughts about books clogged when (Ate) Anne arrived, just in time before gossip girl starts, since we both love watching it together. We ordered dinner from a hotel restaurant (oh yes! I’m rich! J/K!) and we ate until GG started.

Well, point is: I will miss her. The only person who I guess will understand me since we had the same situation, although a little different but the same position of work. I will miss talking to her endlessly before sleeping and share revelations and dreams.

On Monday, I’ll be coming home to our dorm alone and without her presence. Although I have two more roommates, we are not that close and to tell you the truth we have “issues” going on. So, on Monday, a new chapter of (Ate) Anne’s life will begin. But, she’s not the only one adjusting.


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