When God said, “Do not worry”, He means it.

If you grabbed my wallet last Monday, you would have been one disappointed snatcher in the streets of Manila. Why? It only has 300.00 in it plus some insignificant coins and my boyfriend’s old picture. Haha.

Broke? Well, a little I may say. It’s also one of the reasons why I didn’t go to EK last Sunday with friends. You see, I am that person in the thin line of gastadora and kuripot. And the truth is I don’t know how that should be.

A little glimpse in my financial life (not that I am too rich to have a big deal out of it! Haha), I have my so called, “savings” and my “other money”. Those in my savings, I do not spend. At all. Except if the situation demands it like when my phone is robbed and I need a new one and extra money is I am really, really, really broke. But aside from that, my savings stays there. On the other hand, my “other money” is the ones I spend the whole month. I will withdraw everything and budget it like a lame accountant in a company.

So, this month, my “other money” is spend on clothes and shoes my co-worker and I bought in China plus dinner / date with friends. I spend it all that I was forced to get money from my savings and from there, the 300 in my wallet remains. That Monday, I hoped nothing but to make those three bills last until Wednesday.

Today (Tuesday), I think I only have 90php left in my wallet. Haha. Brief description why: transpo from my house to Manila, Breakfast, Snacks and Dinner = 210. So there. I saved the 40php as my transpo tomorrow and the other as my today’s budget. Pathetic, right?

But, when God had told me not to worry, I shouldn’t have because He means it. True enough, one officemate told me I have added salary this month. My eye brows lined in one and ask, “Bakit????” with a half-smile and half confused face. She said it was supposed to be my salary the time I went back from Japan. I almost cried because I never expected that!

God will surely supply all my needs according to His Glorious riches. Thank God for those new blessings! Even though I am not a good money budget-er, He still grants me more than I asked for!♥


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