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Yuki’s tutorial #1: how to flush a toilet bowl.

I know its essensial to put a tutorial in you blog once in a while and so, I will because first of all, I think it is a very, very, important thing for people to know this. And second of all, i just want to.

Knowing to flush the toilet is first of all very indemand like tutorials of putting an eye brow pencil around your eyes. But, I’m not linking any video for the sake of those who are multitasking the reads and eat. In my case, the type and the eat. So, here’s my very appropriate tutorial for people seems NOT to get it right:

1. First, after doing your “thing” in the cr (usually public), look for the flush. Well, it’s not that hard to find since it’s somewhere above the bowl and at the tank of water. Most flush are silver, looks like a whistle or sometimes a long metal.

Okay, in case you don’t know that metal flush is long so that you have to STEP on it to avoid germs and bacteria.

Once you spot the flush, this tutorial might be easier now.

2. Hold the flush. No, don’t hold it too long (if whistle type) because it still have germs! And you don’t want any of that, do you? Just hold it like for half a second and…

3. Press it (with hand of foot, that is). If hand, it will be easy! If foot flush then you have to wait a little because it “buffers”.

4. If you noticed it is not working well, carefully put the lid off, then go out. you can report it to the people in charge, if you’re not in a hurry.

5. Take time to wash you hands. And by wash, I mean not just to wet it with water. Use soap. And dry it please or if no dryer, use your clothes. Lol.

So there! A an easy 5-step tutorial on how to flush the toilet- it’s so easy, its just like putting your name on the exam paper! now that you know, I HOPE NOT TO ENCOUNTER UNFLUSHED TOILETS EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Thank you and enjoy flushing!


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