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Who? Me?

I NEED to sleep. NEED. For tomorrow, I have to wake up early and be in the office for 8 hours of work but until now, I’m still awake. And alone in our room. Idk where my roommates are but I guess thy won’t be back until morning.

Being alone was my outmost wish seven months ago–to explore an unknown place, where no one knows me etchetera.
But little did I know, my wish was taken seriously that I am alone for almost a year now. And it makes my head spin like crazy!

Alone going to the office and no one knows me, going back to the dorm alone, sleeping alone, eating alone. At least in the office I have friends but after it, feels like something bites named ‘reality’ that all my blood are sucked out of me.

I even fall asleep in the bus ride home. Yes, being weary and lonely, most days. And others lacking sleep.

Sometimes, I just want to stop and resign but I know in my heart its not yet the time to. That’s why I kept looking for someone who will understand.

I’m writing now because I less feel different when I write. That for five minutes, I feel companied. I feel secure. And also, when I pray. I feel like God’s tapping my back while saying, “kaya mo yan, anak”.

I don’t know until when will this last or is it going to an end. But all I know is, I will learn from this. One way or another. Accompanied or alone.

PS: sorry kung may wrong grammaring. Bukas ko na to ieedit. I NEED to sleep!!!!!!!


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