For the nth time, I’m baaack!☺

I don’t need to stress that it has been a while since I blogged. Obviously, I’ve been pretty much “busy busyhan”. lol. My boss is in HK and I have pretty much time for myself these days. And so, blogging came across my mind. Actually, not really. I just got nothing to do anymore that I checked my old blogs.

Apparently, the “desperate writer” within me is on vacay. I don’t know where she is or is she coming back but I am hoping with crossed fingers. I miss her!–My writer-alter ego that is. The thing right now, I always attempt to write these couple of weeks but nothing comes out of my almost drained-brain. If you will open my phone, you see some green icons in my email box. Too much blog post draft, waiting to be finished. Bob Ong was right when he said when a writer finds inspiration, they must stop EVERYTHING they are doing to write. Sadly, when showers of inspiration comes, I am either handling too many things or too busy to write. And so I blog. I do, actually! In my mind. Haha! Pathetic, I know.

Anyway, I went through my past blogs:

1. One and the oldest, In a hidden site I do not want to everyone to see. Why? Because it’s too immature! That is the HS me. The “tween” who is struggling to adjust from High School to college and wearing all the heart on that little blog. Too much things there I rather not talk and read. It’s just… ah! I can’t even put it into words!

2. My semi-decent blog. My stories from College life. It’s the blog I am pretty much want to share because it was nominated not once, not twice but THRICE! almost, almost made it and win a pink preppy laptop! Too bad! But this one contains most of my odd feelings as a young college student trying to fit and also stand out.

3. YOU, WP! This. The third chapter in my life. The part in which I am officially down with school and is at the real world. Few posts, yes. But I guess I need to Resurrect. For, one, I need to write more to practice it. And secondly, I would not love anything but to write things under the sun.

Since 2007, I’ve been writing many things in the internet. Mostly vague about my life but also some that are straight to the point. It has been five years and my fascination isn’t still fading. I know in my heart, I might have a “block” or been really lazy, but writing will never be detached from me. I will always write. I will always blog. Even how many hiatus I might have or how many times I might go AWOL, I know in my heart that I will always go back and write. It’s something I am addicted to, and a thing that is already part of my system which I think been running through my blood.


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