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Dear you,

It has been quite a while since we knew each other. And our first encounter is still clear in my mind even after years. That small moment I realized how pure and beautiful your heart is. People may call you odd, but the things is people loved you for being odd. For exceeding the norm and standing out and still having strong, unwavering convictions in life. Life. Life is a semi joker too, just without the red lipstick and thick white powder on its face. Something happened between the time you left until the time I got my first paying job. You practically… changed.

One secret is, I admire you. I admire how you think, how you talk and even how you choose things. Until now, I think you‘re one of the most complex but the most natural person I know. And yet, in your smiles and in your eyes, I see someone different. Completely. Someone. I. Don’t. Know.

You begun to be a stranger and now… I vaguely know you. And when I look at you—all I see is a new being who never been in my life. Or just an acquaintance or a network. Maybe I did changed too but when I remember what we have before, it saddens me. It makes my heart cry when I see you and not see the almost-blood-related person I had before.

But, who am I to judge. I wasn’t even there when you hit rock bottom. I can’t even give a little bit of my free time. So, who am I? I also began to be a stranger to everyone. Just because they too became different in a light I don’t like seeing.

So, sorry. Sorry for moments I wasn’t there. Maybe this changes will never be revoked but, I will always remember who, deep inside, you are. And now I am  ready accept who you have become.



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