Things I miss Part II

While watching AI last night, I realized I am missing too many things back home. In two months, I will be officially one year employed and it’s a whirlwind. Too many things happened to me. But let’s not get to that first. Here are the top 10 things I miss:

1. Watching AI with my dad. We both love the show. We bond watching it together with some late night snack and at the season finale, which usually is morning, we will wake up early and eat breakfast while watch the show. O, I miss it.

2. Speaking of TV and my dad. There’s also one thing we have fascination of—NBA! Yea, we would spend our mornings together watching NBA finals. Or, since I have class most of the time, he will endlessly talk about it over dinner. And I will watch the replay later. We are Lakers fan btw!

3. My endless fights with my sister (and our sisterly-secrets-and-love). My sister and I are always two poles in a magnet. But I thank God for her! It’s really a blessing having a bigger sister you know! She can be overly protective and overly annoying. But I love her anyway.

4. Eat Bulaga. I know, I know. I can watch it even here in manila but I love watching the noon time show with my dad and sister. We would constantly tease our father how baduy he is because he love the show but we watch it anyway. And during that time (12nn to 2pm), we all go to the living room. Talk and mock each other. Especially when my nieces are around. It’s endless laughter!

5. Better drivers. I miss them when I need to cross the road along pioneer. Because it might be a concrete with white lines across but none would get it and slow down. It’s called pedestrian line for a reason–for the pedestrian! Err, in LB, vehicles stop just before pedestrian lanes. They give us time and chance while here, they even speed up the gear. Kind of rude, if I think about it.

6. Another is soft-spoken people. Manila people can be harsh because of many different things like environment and stress. But, it’s not an excuse to be rude. One reason why I don’t ride MRT is those people who curse you when you hit them even if it’s too crowded that it’s impossible not to touch elbows.

7. Easy-access friends. When I am lonely back there, I’ll go somewhere and eat then will call a friend nearby. In about ten minutes, there they come! It’s too easy because hello! Our little town only consist of like, 14 barangays! Haha.
8. Prisoners. Every Thursday, our jail ministry well… Obviously go to jail and preach the gospel. You will be intrigued and amazed how gentle and kind those people can be. Trust me. Been there too many times.

9. Endless internet access and endless cable channels. Easy life is defined (by me) through this: open laptop, open TV, full blast efan and a cup of coffee or a green mango with bagoong. I can do all that back home in a day. Or I will just lie on my dad’s bed for the rest of the day, surf net and watch 3 movies consecutively.

10. Jasper a.k.a. DJ. I miss spending my everyday with him. Make all these plans together, go home at night, and eat sylvanas and all those street foods. I miss making him laugh and tickling him to death. I miss watching movies with him, drinking endless frappes and eating nachos. I miss even almost throwing up because of some awful Thai food. I miss my boyfriend. Really.

Even though I spend the weekend in LB, I still miss it. That’s because I normally is outside the house on Saturday for my cell group and practice. On Sundays, I will be in the church from 7am to approx. 3pm or 10pm. Yea, I know. But I’m not complaining.

I just miss the routine and how my life is easy and simple back there. Like nothing matters, no job, no work, no labels. You are just that little probinsyana. Oh, I miss being called that too!


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