Movie in my head: Character replaced

I’ve been following fashion blogs for the longest time now. If you remember my post last year about being hyped about it, well, I think it doubled!

Since I devoted my time in high school following the blog of the “cos-player-turned-fashion-blogger”, I saw how these blogs appear from scratch until now that it’s like an epidemic. From that one person now, I’ve been following like, seven? No hyperbole here. However, I’m beginning to see the other effect on me.

One is I want to dish my entire wardrobe and change it all. With my job and some cheap stuff from China, it’s not impossible but yet it’s hard. And another, it makes me realize how boring, indifferent and peculiar my life is. You know what I mean.

Annoying as it may sound, one blogger I am following surprised me. For the life I always wrote in my mind and a movie in my brain that goes on forever became real. Someone who actually lives.

It feels odd.

Odd that that person in my addicted brain can really exist—someone somewhat perfect, in a perfect circumstance and in a perfect everything! Top it all, we both applied for a job that… not surprisingly turned me down and got her. Of course. The character in my film, in my OWN head was replaced by someone else. I’m not the lead role in my own head now!

Lowla Jean was right when she said she doesn’t want to follow blogs anymore because it makes her feel frustrated about her life. It never gotten into me like that. Not until now.


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