Sometimes, it’s not what we do; it’s what we don’t do.

One thing I hate about myself is I have an opinion on about everything. Give me one word and I can give you hundreds of topic about it. Unless, I’m uninspired or preoccupied/sleeping/tired. Some people thought I’m quiet but in my mind battle rages—it’s full of ideas, sentiments and views then sort of wanting to come out. Most of the time, it spills over my writings. In my blog, like this rant I am doing or, to my boyfriend who sometimes want to shut me up for all those things. Or and especially in Yahoo! Comments.

When I am working in the office and I just did all I have to do, or there is a small break yahoo! Page is my main target. Not that I am plugging here. I just read some odd stories and laugh at sarcastically-rich comments until being raged about some odd and extremely annoying news. So, I resurrected an old account I will not name and started to speak my mind on the free comment box. Few comments I make are full of mockery and I bash some people but most of the time, I comment serious stuffs. Especially when it regards to the Philippines and the islands.

One thing that annoys me is people who think my views are the reason why the Philippines do not progress, as if I am the only person living in this country. Hello?

There are enormous problems we are facing as a nation but I think the greatest thing that contribute to that is people (like me) and most yahoo subscribers who states views, opinion and babble a lot but not do anything. Apathy, I may call it. Sometimes, it’s not what we do; it’s what we don’t do.

Like Corona, I am guilty as charged here too. I mean, talking about how crappy these people in the comments and all that but not really doing anything for a change in this chaotic world. Now, I realized that. And you see, every time I go home from Makati to Mandaluyong, I feel like every one contributes on this problem in the society.

When I ride in the wrong designated area, I sometimes tell myself that I am part of the problem, not the solution. When I see those buses in Ayala station it makes me agitated that they just park it there for like 30 minutes even the stop light turns green. It’s clearly wrong.

Point is, we have (including myself) to stop babbling and talking but just do it. Those who write articles/comments/opinions, they only write and it stopped there. Apathy. Maybe if we talk less and are concern citizen more maybe something will happen. Like faith without action is dead, talking without the walk is dead too.


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