Right now there are many things going on in my life. And to tell you upfront, I’m not telling anyone about it (except for my two best friends) and I would rather not talk about it either. I just want to blog for one day, I’m gong to remember this time of life and I’m going to laugh it off. These things that are happening to me–these can’t kill me, it would only make me strong. Especially when I got no one to be with me right now. I feel like the world is against me. Even my friends, i feel like they heard a different story from a different source. But, to tell you, my heart is steady for I know I got the Lord with me.

Now, I am sure that I hit rock bottom of my life. The lowest of the lowest and nothing has ever changed: In your deepest fall, people can always ditch you and leave you empty handed. But God won’t.

I am fighting and I will fight this good fight of faith, even if I am alone. ♥


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