Dancing with My Father for the First Time

I danced with my father today for the very first time in my life. Thanks to our local church’s activity this father’s day. The song was “Dance with My Father Again” and our pastor asked us to get our dads from their seat and dance with them. At first, my dad was laughing and I was too—then when we reached the dance floor, we hugged each other, sway a little then I started to cry buckets of tears.

It just feels safe in the arms of my dad. I feel like no one can hurt me, and he will not let anyone hurt me as well. It’s like our hearts are lined together while dancing and crying. I love it, that feeling of being secure, of being cared of. I felt comforted. I feel like even I fall seven times, my dad will be there eight times. And he inspires me that even he did a lot of mistakes in his life; he will stand up with God’s grace. My dad has been too tight on me especially when I was young, he was so strict. Dancing with him made me realize that he just doesn’t want me to get hurt by just anybody because I’m his precious little princess.

In his arms, I feel like even the world rejects me I can still stand. Even the whole world turns me down; my father will come and pick me up. Like God to me too.

Not just because it’s father’s day that I’m saying this but because this is what I truly feel. The one man who will never leave me and when the going gets tough, he assures me that everything will be fine. That is my papa. He is my hero.

“Love gives patience to unable to give up those who are stubborn and hard. Love inspires us to be ready to die for that person. Love is a sacrifice.” –What my dad told me.


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