I’m such a sucker in nostalgia!

When I randomly look back in my “not-so-old-years” (usually in the internet) I would feel the cold nostalgia creeping to my bones. It would make me feel sad and happy at the same time. But mostly, I just want to get back to those moments I didn’t know that I will look back into. Those little precious moments.

I went ego-searching last couple of days since I have nothing else to do and saw some old, abandoned accounts. Not just blogs but some social media like the one I spotted. It’s a different kind of media: it has a time line and whatever you post is posted on the date and time. I scrolled and looked back how I’ve been as an early college student. And is just made me laugh!

Some things I saw there about me in about two to four years ago are: I am a lazy student, I am someone who ALWAYS, always get sick (cough, colds, fever, typhoid, chicken pox and more!), Also, I am a sleeper. Well, the truth is, one person special to me always called me, “Antukin”. That’s specifically true, I love sleep! And I am not a morning person. Anyhow, moving on, there are also posts about my love life: different post about different boys! (Landi much?) However, it is very interesting to note that I didn’t even HAD a boyfriend from all those crushes and petty flings.

Right now, I am thinking, “When I post these stuffs, have I ever thought that one day, in a company, doing nothing I will look back and laugh at my personal problems and post?” Well, yea, I didn’t. I was living life to the fullest then and enjoying each day.

I feel like that person in that social media is trapped inside me. It’s as if she wants to go out and be free. Because to top all these reminiscing moment, I kind of miss myself. That person who just wants to hang out and laugh that person who is making all those crazy posts about anything under the sun.

But it’s not too late to be back on track, you think? I may be a little grown up now but I know that somehow, somewhere inside of us is the young, carefree person we used to be before the world scared and bullied us. *


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