Half month of the year has passed and there comes the second half after it. In the Philippines, this is the mark of the rainy season, the season the school is on for a month and the umbrellas are as cheap as 25 pesos in the foot bridges in case you are travelling and rain dispensed.

Personally, July has been one of the turning points of my life. Just last year, I got my first job (15th), had a decision to turn down a Film company, and with it, everything started to be difficult. Figuratively speaking, the rain poured in my life that July 2011. And you know what they say, when it rains, it pours. Just like what happened to me that my life being full of hope, full of color suddenly turned into gray.

A year after, here I am facing the same month, repainting my world. Here I am fighting for freedom and trying to figure out what I want, what God wants for my life. I can see the sky’s getting dark and heavy. Actually, it started to rain already. But I see that bigger storms are about to hit me side by side. But as always, I should be still and know that God is with me.

Here comes July, here comes hope of being free, of a new beginning. Here it comes with rain and thunder and storm. But I believe that everything will pass and august will always be there to save me.


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