Dancing With The City Lights


The start and the end of my life.

Seventeen years. It took me seventeen years just to be in that place. Every single thing started to be in a slow motion as I think of this is my head. The people who wear the same dark blue and black satin long gown were on their feet, waving their hands as we sung our alma mater for the last time. I was in the stage—partly because I am a good student in the latter days of my college life; And partly because I don’t know.

The truth is I don’t even have an idea why everything started to be very slow that moment. As if I am remembering every single thing. I looked to the left reaaaaaaaly slow and saw my long time crush in my four years in college. He’s wearing his hair perfectly just how I want it and a very rare smile on his face. I can’t believe this is the last time that I would ever see him. One Thing College taught me is I can’t get everything I want.

When I panned, I saw my parents clapping with a giddy smile and I can hear their minds screaming, “No more twenty thousand per semester!!!!” Oh, the smile in my dad’s face is priceless.

The black painted sky was vandalized with colors from the fireworks. Of course, it’s in slow-mo still. But nonetheless, they look beautiful in the night sky. The background music started to fade and a tear suddenly fell from my over-done-with-make-up eyes. Not to mention the eye lash extensions.

Everyone started to move and hug each other, I stood there. Still. Everything still in slow motion. And I smiled to myself, “This is the end of my exams, sleepless night projects, injustice professors and so called classes. And this is the start of everything new—a new adventure and a whole better world.”

Or so, I thought.

Dancing With The City Lights


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