Pwedeng Nobela ang buhay ko. Bow.

When I went out of the office last Tuesday, I kept my smile hidden for I will look like a retard if I let it show. Just that, the situation/environment outside made me smile, laugh even. It made me think my life can pass as a novel. That crazy little protagonist full of dreams and as hungry as a starved pirana for adventure. However, she landed in an unexpected place and time.

And so, while in the bus, I constructed this blog entry in my very handy WordPress for Blackberry Application. Which by the way, you can save draft post in you phone. A very appealing and very convenient blogging! (Hey! I should be paid for this!lol). I won’t post the rest of the things I constructed in my bus drive to my temporary home in Manila. For when I was about to copy/paste it here in the PC, I stopped and think… Why not?? Bakit hindi ako gumawa ng novel inspired by my own life? With a little magic in between? By magic, I mean fiction stories and dramas. Why not?!

So, yesterday, I desperately tried to write for the prologue, the plot and everything else for the debut of my so called “novel”. However, things got so messed up with wordpress. I thought it would just be easy and breezy (like covergirl!) but no. HTML and WP as a site is so not user-friendly. So, I just made up my mind in making another blog!

I will try to build the site as soon as I can But my boyfriend thinks its one hassle so I’m going to post it on my blog muna. I will just add the “Categories Widget” and you can click it if you have time. Also click on my new page called, “Dancing with the City Lights” for more information. Of course, comments are highly anticipated! lol.


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