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A new place to live

I just moved out of Legend Villas (a hotel somewhere in Manila) yesterday and had my first night at PPC as they call it. Not sure if “Pinoy Pamilya Club” is the right meaning or there is something else.

To tell you, my stay in Legend for more than a year was exceptional. I loved it there and not only because it’s free! Haha! But that played a huge part, btw. Our room there maybe small but it looks fresh and neat. And so, transferring to PPC was a little bit of a new adjustment.

I don’t want to lie and pretend that everything is cozy and nice just because I want to brag about my new home. Well, I want to give you some close to reality description of it. Okay. Here is goes. Haha, drum roll please?

Well, it’s an abandoned motel (the closest thing to describe it). When you enter, you will see the place, looking like a horror set in a film. The patio has one light and it’s quiet although there are people staying. Some of the executive in the company always scares us but it’s a nice place really. We live in one of the rooms with aircon and all that. Nonetheless, it’s a great deal for a very cheap rent.

Anyway, yesterday as our first night together, our boss (my roommate Lissa) treat us for dinner outside and we went back there at around nine. We watched some movies and before we know it, the day ended so fast.

It’s my second time to move in Manila. As a self-confessed probinsiyana, I feel the thrill and the fear of being in the big city alone. But, I know that I will be fine. And this process is just part of my growing up. I can’t even believe I will get to this point so “Ms. Independent” kind of thing. Away from family, having and earning my own money, spending it to my expenses and all those stuff. Sometimes I think I’m forcing myself to grow up. But I guess, this is one of the things I need to face.





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