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The start of the -BER months.

How can I ever forget this day? There are too many floods on twitter! Haha, some hash tags too!

Anyway, In our office (Sorry to flood you with work-related things!) we always talk about how relationships are important in our lives. How in the end, relationship is what only lasts—Relationship to God, to family, to friends, to every person.

My first of September is spent on relationships.

My day started at 8am, trying to have my devotionals when our puppies rushed in our room and woke us up. My sister asked me to baby sit the dogs while she cleans their place. We had breakfast with the dogs, too. At 10, I went to Church for my cell meeting then had a lunch date with my college friends, which we call ourselves ‘GFFS’ plus two additional: my boyfriend and my friend’s suitor. We practically hanged out almost the whole day before going home and had some quality time with my boy. The day kind of ends, my dad went back from Bulacan and we shared California Maki for midnight snack!

First of September ended like a blast! Although I have some issues, still, this day made me realize how important a support-group is! I mean, with all these pressures and bullying this world has to offer, we need friends. We need families, even dogs!

And so, I’m hoping for more of building bridges than burning them this month. Hopefully, I’ll have time for my Church buddies and High school friends! Plus, more deep and intimate moment with my God!:)

How did you start your September?


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