This is a special post for the people who began following me and liking my post/blog. The truth is it makes my heart jump whenever I see a star on the left side of my screen with the orange color—which, of course indicates some notification.

I started this blog just because I wanted to release all my feeling inside me, wanting to get out of. But if you notice, my posts mostly are sad and angstly (if there even such a word!) My officemate even said, my blog is sad and gloomy.

I think all of you deserve to know this: I’m miserable! LOLJK! kidding! Haha. My boyfriend and I discussed about this. And the thing I honestly told him is I write better in times that I don’t feel okay, as if misery is my fuel. But when I’m happy I ignore this freaking blog. It’s true. I also wrote many novels in my My Docs and I realized all I constructed are sad lexes (except for two, I think). So, for this, I say sorry. For all the rants and all the things that make people bounce away from my blog. I will TRY my best to turn it around, okay?:>

Lastly, to my best reader—the person who does not get tired of the rants and the sadness and all the drama—Dustin. Thank you for sticking up with this Drama Queen. And yea, ol’rayt, ol’rayt… I love you!Haha.

Wait, why do I feel like I’m bidding good bye? Am I dying? In Jesus’s Name, NO!Haha! It just that, I just want to appreciate everyone once in a while.

Have a good day, sweets!





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