#DoYouRemember #WhereAreYouNow

A couple of years ago, four third year college students sit in a taxi from Greenbelt. No, it’s not they just had their “shop-till-you-drop” moment. Neither a night out on a Friday night. Just a regular day of their internship being in the mall for hours–trying to sell in their booth. They sat there, chatting, holding some bags from designers when the song began playing…

Right then, they realized, it was their song. Our song.

Do you remember?

All those times in the office, trying to measure tabloid of other brands, those repacking of give-away, those times we have to go up and down the whole building and to the other just to get their signatures, when we bug other employees (Like Sir Randy!)

Do you remember?

Doctor Jones! of Lowla, The free starbucks frappe, the condo unit of Gem, the undying english words of JP outside greenbelt. And more starbucks! Those nights in the dorm room where JP and I are trying to be drunk with Muggs.

Do you remember?

The first ever fashion show we have attended, the glamour, POMELA, and the red-shirt model, the designer bags, the photographer… The SMX experience of the So Pinoy Event with so many food but we didn’t get to eat. The taxi ride everyday to go home, Billy Crawford, Jolina Magdangal, Nikki Gil. CHOWKING!

Do you remember? All of the times we had?

As you know, I’m such a sucker for nostalgia and the three hundred hours we had in that summer was unforgettable and I always always wanted to look back. After seeing the hash tag of #DoYouRemember, I remembered this summer. That summer that can never be replaced by anything.

It was the summer 4 Students are trying to complete their grades. 300 Hours of undying Internship and hundreds and tons of smiles, laughter and much more. How sweet that summer could be!♥


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